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Master of Arts (MA)

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Dr. Brett Woods


The following is a study of the life and writings of Mercy Otis Warren. Warren was not only a revolutionary, but was also a writer and political thinker – a satirist, a poet, and a historian – who had watched the sparks of insurrection grow into the flames of a full-blown revolution, and used her writings to help arouse the passions of the citizenry and fan the flames of revolution. Because she was a confidant to many of the central characters of the American revolutionary period and believing that the colonists were losing their rights and freedoms, she took pen to paper and became a leading advocate of colonial independence in a period where women, for the most part, were not politically active. Through her satirical plays, her poetry, her voluminous correspondence, and her three-volume history, we can observe the patriot movement from the viewpoint of someone who lived during the period, and just as importantly, through the eyes of a woman – a republican woman.



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