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Student success is vitally important. Without academic achievement student self-efficacy is lost, persistence is blocked, and matriculation is unachievable. Exponential growth at online institutions necessitates the inquiry into factors that play a role in student success. In this study, approximately 15,000 cases from the Top 20 enrolled courses of undergraduate students at a large national fully online university were examined to determine if course Grade Point Average was related with student characteristics, e.g., student gender, ethnicity, age, and military status. Multiple semester sessions were analyzed across multiple curricular areas. Results and recommendations are discussed.


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Angela M. Gibson, Lori Kupczynski, and Phil Ice (2010). Student Success in Top 20 Courses of an Online Institution: Demographic Differences in a Multi-Semester Cross-Curricular Study, i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology, 7(2), Jul-Sep 2010, Print ISSN 0973-0559, E-ISSN 2230-7125, pp.18-27.

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