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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that marketing in Greece is underdeveloped because the nation does not have an adequate number of private corporations due to insufficient industrialization. Advanced marketing practices are the result of the corporate form of business. Industrialization in Greece was followed by a rapid shift to post-Fordism in the late 1980s which had a tremendous impact upon the lack of opportunity for merging small organizations into larger ones needed for the creation of the corporate form of business and the formation of new and larger organizations in the corporate form. The corporate form of business is large, provides in abundance, the factors of production, and has highly developed functional units—production, marketing, finance, and human resources. Clearly, the majority of Greek business organizations are small, thus disallowing for formation of an infrastructure that leads to the development of marketing through the effective and efficient use of all the factors of production.


This article published in vol. 12, no. 7 of the International Business & Economics Research Journal.



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