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The inaugural issue of the GO Global Newsletter features the following articles:

  • "Gamma Omega Celebrates Firsts Alongside Commencement Ceremony" by Lindsay Johnson;
  • "Moving forward with Gamma Omega" by Gamma Omega president Dan Thompson;
  • Featured Article: "Google and the Great Firewall of China" by Connie Uthoff;
  • Featured Article: "Social Implications of a Nuclear Iran" by Jeanna Deswert-Baney;
  • Featured Article: “Rioting in Kyrgyzstan… Again” by Dwayne Lockett;
  • Global News Alerts by Frances R. Arias;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "Cooling of US-Israeli Relations" by Jeff Heuermann;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "UFC in the Middle East" by Joshua Maes;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "Bosnia, NATO, Russia, and Global War" by Jesse Puga;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "Future of Iraq" by Rafael Gabriel Perez;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "Let There be Peace and Let There Be Nukes" by Justin M. Jetton;
  • Honors List Students;
  • Announcements and Advertisements;
  • Book Review by Connie Uthoff of Triplex: More Secrets from the Cambridge Spies by Nigel West and Oleg Tsarev; and
  • Announcements of International Insights Speaker Series guests.

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Sigma Iota Rho Gamma Omega


Charles Town, WV


GO Global, SIRGO, Internet--China, Nuclear arms control--Iran, Kyrgyzstan--Politics and government--1991-


International Relations | Political Science

GO Global Newsletter, Issue 1



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