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Issue 2 of the GO Global Newsletter features the following articles:

  • "Note from the Editor" by Abdul Abid;
  • "Gamma Omega Holds First Annual Meeting" by Dan Thompson;
  • "Gamma Omega attends APUS’ 1st Annual Honor Society Reception" by Lindsay Johnson;
  • "2010 APUS Commencement Ceremony" by Lindsay Johnson;
  • "Gamma Omega meets Senator Graham & Tours Offices" by Dan Thompson;
  • "Gamma Omega Nears Its 1st Anniversary" by Dan Thompson;
  • Information on upcoming elections;
  • Feature Article: "Icarus and The Deepwater Horizon" by Connie Uthoff;
  • Feature Article: "Failed States" by Dwayne Lockett;
  • Feature Article: "A Nuclear Iran: Past the Point of Prevention" by Jeanna Deswert;
  • Feature Article: "Are the Naxalites Becoming More Terror-Centric?" by Jesse Puga;
  • Featured Article: "Secretary Clinton Visit to Korea" by Dan Thompson;
  • Global News Alerts;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "China: The status quo is changing and it’s not so bad for 'US'" by Jesse Puga;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "The Keys to Iraq’s Future Development" by Joshua Maes;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "The Two-State Solution to the Middle East Peace Process" by Jeff Heuermann;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "Trouble is Brewing" by Justin M. Jetton;
  • GO Global Op-Ed: "The Immigration Debate" by Rafael G. Perez;
  • "Improve Your Chances of Employment" by Joshua Maes,
  • Book review by Matthew Pech of Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It by Richard A Clarke;
  • Book review by Joshua Maes of The International Dimensions of Internal Conflict by Michael E. Brown;
  • Announcements of International Insights Speaker Series guests.

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Sigma Iota Rho Gamma Omega


Charles Town, WV


GO Global, SIRGO, Nuclear arms control--Iran, BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill 2010, Communism--India


International Relations | Political Science

GO Global Newsletter, Issue 2



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