Saber and Scroll

Volume 3, Issue 4 (2014) Fall 2014 (Edited and Revised May 2015)

Saber and Scroll is the student journal of American Public University System's Saber and Scroll Historical Society, an organization focused on the promotion of historical studies through the encouragement of academic research.

This issue was initially published in fall 2014, and fully revised and updated in May 2015. A print copy of this issue of Saber and Scroll can be purchased at this link.


Front Matter: Volume 3, Issue 4
Saber and Scroll Historical Society

The cover image of v.3, iss. 4 of Saber and Scroll features the painting Landing at Attu Bay by Richard Baldwin, US Army artist. Several soldiers in light green uniforms move supplies off a ship, with a mountain in the background.