Saber and Scroll


Excerpted on author's behalf:

Just as Jews, Christians, and Muslims have fought for control over the Holy Land for thousands of years, the Lakota and Cheyenne have fought over and revered the Black Hills country. The Lakota have often interpreted the existence of Mount Rushmore, somewhat comparable to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as a symbol of the white man’s arrogant dominance over the Lakota people. In the years 1851 to 1891, a clash of cultures existed between the white man and the Northern Plains Indians based on arrogance, deception, and greed, resulting in the near elimination of an entire culture that could easily have been avoided. This article discusses the Treaty of 1851, Red Cloud's War, the Battle of Washita River, the Treaty of 1868, and Little Bighorn, and their impact on the Northern Plains tribes.



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