Saber and Scroll


Excerpted on author's behalf:

During the colonial period of the Americas, European powers fought a number of wars over territory and trade rights. The War of Jenkins’ Ear was one such war, which pitted the British Empire against Spain largely because of the new colony of Georgia. In 1739, the British put an end to diplomatic wrangling and declared war, encouraging Brigadier General James Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia, to seize the opportunity to invade Florida and lay siege to the city of St. Augustine. Tumultuous events plagued British progress, resulting in a failed siege of St. Augustine.After more than a year of careful planning, the Spanish retaliated by invading St. Simons Island. Through the sheer stout bravery of Oglethorpe and his men, accompanied by a bit of luck, the British managed an astounding victory that sent Spain into retreat and established the boundaries and standing of the mighty British Empire. Therefore, while the offensive operations against Spain would fail due to a fractured command structure, the spirited defense of St. Simons Island would not only rout the Spanish forces but would also set the southern boundary of the Georgia colony and tip the balance of power in North America in favor of the British.



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