The Bird & Dog

The Bird & Dog

Article Title

The Bird & Dog, Summer 2010


Various Authors


The Summer 2010 issue of The Bird & Dog includes:

  • "The Korengal Valley" by Marianne Buchard;
  • "The Withering Lament" by Theodore Arthur;
  • "Coldness" by Sarah Waters;
  • "Untitled Chapter 1 (Historical Novel)" by Charles Schaefer;
  • "On Writing" by Juan R. Nieves;
  • "Fairy Tales" by Cynthia Lanctot;
  • "So You Want to Be a Vampire…" by Melissa Howley;
  • "At the Battlefield in Gettysburg" by Melissa Howley; and
  • "We Serve, Too" by Kimberlee Lyn Thomas-Burden.

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