The Bird & Dog

The Bird & Dog

Article Title

The Bird & Dog, Spring 2013


Various Authors


The Spring 2013 issue of The Bird & Dog includes:

  • "Welcome To My World" by David Whitmore;
  • "Gilly" by Kinesha Smart;
  • "Charlie" by Jennifer A. Hadfield;
  • "The Silver Fox" by Freda Covington;
  • "Avow Eternal" by Varon Cook;
  • "A Missive to My Shepherd" by Anita Kay O'Pry;
  • "Just for Fun" by Mel Hughes;
  • "A Swell Weekend" by Katey Vance;
  • "Crestfallen Prometheus" by Brendan Ellsworth;
  • "Don’t Tell: I was an Andy Williams Cultist" by Holly Mance;
  • "Rest Stop" by Ed Childs;
  • "A Lesson Learned" by Tim Paddock;
  • "To Be a Girl" by Ruth Wittum;
  • "Bitter Tea Leaves" by Cathy Brown;
  • "The Shepherdess Proclaims Her Love" by Jillian Justice;
  • "Snow Globe" by Jana Gurley; and
  • "Journey of the Trafficked Soul" by Shannon Walls.

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