The Bird & Dog

The Bird & Dog

Article Title

The Bird & Dog, Spring 2014


Various Authors


The Spring 2014 issue of The Bird & Dog includes:

  • "The Noises" by Bruce Brown;
  • "A Drop of Shine upon a Coin" by Joseph Pietro;
  • "The Monster that Sleeps in My House" by Antoinette Brown;
  • "How I Survived – Part One" by Patsy A. Paolino;
  • "S-Whizzle and the Seven Homeless Men" by Ana Abu-Rus;
  • "Invisible Force" by Cyndi Harris;
  • "My Water Bottle" by Yasmin Neal;
  • "Maybe, Just Maybe" by Yasmin Neal;
  • "The Remains Are Forgotten" by David M. Briner; and
  • "Blue Sky" by William Everett.

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