The Bird & Dog

The Bird & Dog

Article Title

The Bird & Dog, Summer 2014


Various Authors


The Summer 2014 issue of The Bird & Dog includes:

  • "The Chinese Plot" by Cathy Thornton-Brown;
  • "The Raven" by Richard D. Bennett;
  • "Rise" by Trisha Bartlett;
  • "P.L.S. 50-1" by Dennis Ramsey;
  • "The Tantrum" by Kristina Townsend;
  • "High Summer" by Cathy Thornton-Brown;
  • "Treasure..." by Lucile Perkins-Wagel;
  • "Rhetorical Rhapsody" by Frank Hayden;
  • "My Hero" by Gary Tittle;
  • "Drop-splop-splip, the morning is born" by Robert Fisher;
  • "Prayer" by Lucile Perkins-Wagel;
  • "Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old, And After" by Joseph Martinez;
  • "George and the Fiji Mermaid" by Cathy Thornton-Brown;
  • "That Fated Cat of Schrödinger’s" by Lucile Perkins-Wagel;
  • "Henri Responds to a Gentle Touch" by David M. Brimer;
  • "The Guardians: A Second Part" by Mandy Baker;
  • "Graduation Day" by Maxine Macy;
  • "Remember" by Mandy Baker;
  • "Adventures to the City of Light" by Kristen Ewing;
  • "On The Rocks" by John Carragher;
  • "A Rainfall for Dying Love" by LaShawnda Nicole Wash;
  • "Loving You" by Sarah Boyd;
  • "Must Not Tell" by Richard D. Bennett;
  • "Persistent" by Whitney LaFrance;
  • "Love Me" by Sarah Boyd;
  • "Cold Morning" by Richard D. Bennett;
  • "Beauty Ignored" by Kristina Townsend; and
  • "An Ode to Poets" by Barbara Goodwin.

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