The Bird & Dog

The Bird & Dog

Article Title

The Bird & Dog, Winter 2014


Various Authors


The Winter 2014 issue of The Bird & Dog includes:

  • "The Burr" by Traci Falb;
  • "A Drop of Shine upon a Coin" by Joey Pietro;
  • "Hope in the Storm" by Mandy Baker;
  • "Inspiration" by Steve Shaffery;
  • "The River Speaks of Negros" by Betie Vixamar;
  • "A Scary World" by Steve Shaffery;
  • "Response to Thomas Campion’s 'I Care not for these Ladies.'" by Traci Falb;
  • "The Outline" by Angela Hebert;
  • "Connections" by C. Jean Varney;
  • "Green, Green Grass" by Traci Falb;
  • "Pleasure’s Reply: A Response to the Passionate Shepherd" by Freeman Capps;
  • "Heartache" by Kimberly Black;
  • "Trust" by Tim Paddock;
  • "Maturity" by Steve Shaffery;
  • "Who Is 'He'?" by Kimberly Black;
  • "Yesterday" by Freda Covington;
  • "Birches" by Elizabeth Suse;
  • "Presence of a Dream" by Steve Shaffery; and
  • "Time & Seasons" by Tim Paddock.

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