The Bird & Dog

The Bird & Dog

Article Title

The Bird & Dog, Winter 2015


Various Authors


The Winter 2015 issue of The Bird & Dog includes:

  • "Being Different" by Tammi Croteau;
  • "Face/Mask" by Marcus Padgett;
  • "Sonnet 741" by Tammi Croteau;
  • "Possibilities Lost" by David Harkins;
  • "Confession" by Marcus Padgett;
  • "Night Ride West" by Katy Jordan;
  • "Defiance" by Rhona Tessier;
  • "Won't You Come In" by Kelly Lacour;
  • "My Greatest Gifts" by Nathan Weidman;
  • "The Summer of Superheroes" by David Harkins;
  • "Albatross" by Katy Jordan;
  • "Lady-Devil" by Sarah Boyd;
  • "God is Greatest" by Joseph Pietro;
  • "Christmas Wish" by Jason Wayne Austin; and
  • "Choosing Love" by Tammi Croteau.

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