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Master of Arts (MA)

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Military Studies

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Dr. Edward J. Hagerty


Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was an ordinary man who achieved extraordinary success. Grant’s Siege of Vicksburg is considered one of the greatest offensive operations in military history. Grant understood the context and operational environment of the Vicksburg Campaign, so he was able to influence culture through the command climate. The mission command concept emphasizes the need for leaders to be critical and creative thinkers who can exercise adaptive leadership and foster a learning environment within their organization.1 Grant encouraged his subordinate commanders to exercise initiative, accept responsibility, and take ownership. A commander’s decisions ultimately guide the actions of the force. The quality of understanding the commander’s intent enhances the quality of decisions made. The modern-day leader must understand the culture and climate of an organization to be successful. In order for the Army to develop leaders to meet in a complex and uncertain strategic operational environment; Army leaders must adopt and apply the concepts of mission command as the standard and assume a historical case study of Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign can contribute to the effort to foster such an environment.



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