Aida Dias

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone-Practicum/Critical Reflection

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

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Capstone Instructor

Dr. Anne Millbrooke


Oral history projects are a powerful history resource, but they present a unique set of challenges to museum professionals and are often neglected or inadequately structured as a result. My internship at the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor allowed me to work with a mostly digital collection of oral history interviews through the stages of cataloguing, preservation, and preparation for an exhibit. Using best practices as a guide, I addressed the challenges posed by museum’s own circumstances and availability of resources, and organized the collection in order to preserve it and make it useful and accessible. When working with similar projects, a simple organizational system can go a long way in ensuring the collection is not only preserved, but also accessible and manageable. Planning for the future concerning matters of obsolete technology, transcribing, and potential exhibits can simplify the work of museum professionals and make the best use of the invaluable resource that is oral history.

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History Commons



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