Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Program Name

Emergency and Disaster Management

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Christina Spoons


This research examines state and local requirements for 25 non-public K-8 schools in the identified counties of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland to have emergency plans that meet the federal recommended guidelines for comprehensive emergency management planning. A mixed methods approach using a web enabled survey instrument developed and used to determine school plan comprehensiveness. The researcher used the same survey instrument to perform a comparative analysis for a sample of public schools in the same counties and states. To gain total plan value to verify if the school plan met the comprehensive definition, the researcher developed a matrix to quantitatively analyze the data. Examination of state statute concluded ambiguous verbiage relating to what schools should develop school emergency plans; only one state specifically included non-public schools in its legislature. Hypothesis one states if there is no requirement to have emergency plans in place, non-public schools have not developed comprehensive plans. This proved inconclusive due to minimal participation by non-public schools. Hypothesis two stated if non-public schools are required to have emergency plans, these schools do not follow perspective state statute and federal recommended emergency planning guidelines for schools (2013). This proved correct for the non-public schools that responded.



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