Eric Bowers

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Program Name

Public Administration

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Timothy Bagwell


This study seeks to expand on existing research regarding local government’s role in community building which has largely focused on larger metropolitan areas. This study examines the perceptions of local government leaders in how they view their role within the community as civic leaders both collectively and individually. The overall purpose of this study is to examine the changes and adaptations in local government. Survey responses from members of the Gallatin County and Bozeman City Commissions are analyzed. Additionally, a brief analysis of online information resources is also conducted to determine the posturing of local government in whether policy or the policy making process is emphasized. Analysis of online resources and survey responses indicates that both organizational and individual role adaptation among city and county government officials is dynamic, and that these adaptations are a reflection of proactive community engagement as well as policy development. Both the county and city commissions exhibit high levels of policy process orientation.



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