Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Program Name

Environmental Policy and Management

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Jason Siniscalchi


This study aimed to determine whether changes in climate would influence the quality and quantity of New York wine grape growing regions by analyzing historical temperature and precipitation levels and forecasting future levels. It was shown that the climate in New York and within New York climate divisions that encompass federally accepted New York American Viticultural Areas has changed over time; specifically average minimum, average maximum, and overall average temperatures have gradually increased since the year 1895 with statistical significance. The cool New York climate is normally on the edge of acceptability for supporting many of the grape varieties that produce high quality wine. Results of statistical forecasting conducted in this study revealed a potential for the future quantity or quality of New York grape growing regions to expand and the possibility of incorporating more high quality wine producing grape varieties in New York viticulture because of gradually warming temperatures.



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