Alex Munoz

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Program Name

Information Technology

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Beverly JN Bowen


Credit and debit cards have become the preferred method of payment for many, thanks to their low cost, convenience, and limited liability. As acceptance of these payment methods has become commonplace, criminals likewise increasingly target these accounts to commit fraud. Although various initiatives over the years have aimed at reducing credit card theft by hardening, or implementing additional security features, the overall system of processing these transactions is based on outdated technology. This study examines current technologies, their vulnerabilities, known exploits, and alternatives to existing processes, for the purpose of securing credit card information and transaction processing. Various countermeasures are evaluated in a three level probability impact matrix in order to compare their effectiveness in preventing credit card theft. The researcher concludes that by implementing established technologies and extending the standards currently used for credit card transactions, backward compatibility is ensured, while also allowing the deployment of more secure systems at low cost.



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